Term 3 review

This term  we have been doing  Expansion writing so for my  I have for my term 3 review  and I think it was fun here my best writing

Have you ever wondered  how the digestive system works, or what the digestive system is, and what happens to the food when we eat it?

Some people think that our stomach does it all but there are more parts played in this story, and it’s not just the mouth.

In the digestive system there are seven parts that each do a different job to help digest your food.

The first stage is the mouth. The mouth chews the food, readying the food to pass through the oesophagus to get to the stomach, the oesophagus is the tube that is connected to the back of the mouth and takes the food to the stomach.

You may wonder what stops the food from going in down your windpipe and into your lungs, what stops it is a special part called the epiglottis.

 The epiglottis is a flap of  muscle tissue that main function is to close off the windpipe or the trachea as it’s known when you swallow your food.

 The second stage the food goes to is the stomach.

Some people think that all the food is digested in the stomach because it is full of hydrochloride acid, but what actually happens is the acid cleans the food and softens it for the next stage. 

If you just found out that you have a bag of acid in your body don’t be scared because  your wonderful body has lined your stomach with fast growing flesh, so you’re always healing, but have you ever wondered where the acid came from?The acid comes from the liver and the gall blader.

The second last stage is the small intestine or the small bowel.

In the small intestine most of the digesting is done here, the small intestine and large intestine is lined with small finger like things called villi that take the most nutrients from the food and inject it into the bloodstream, but did you know that on the the villi is more villi called microvilli

The fourth stage is the large intestine, the last stop till the food that your body can not dissolve ends up in the toilet.

The large intestine absorbs the last of the nutrients from the food and turns the now undigested food into feces (poo) and is ready to be disposed of.

So now you know the seven stages of the digestive system and what it does but many people do not treat their gut wisely which is not good. because our digestive system is very important without it we would not be able to get the things we need from food  and we would die from starvation so treat your gut wisely so eat healthy.




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  1. You did such a great job with your explanation writing – good thinking to share it. I’m really glad you enjoyed it so much.

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