No sleepšŸ˜“


Three years ago when I was eight years old I had just come back from the airport a few weeks ago and it was the holidays so I hadn’t started school yet.Ā 

We had only brought two PS4 controllers but we didn’t know were the second one was so we could only on person could play it was kinda sad and boring for the rest of us and most because only one of us could play of the time weĀ  would get into fights over whose turn it was so I decided that I would have a tern all to myself. I would sleep in the living room andĀ  stay up to play on the play station 4 but instead of staying up late for a little while I sprayed up all night but the best thing that happened was I actually finished the campaign in Call of Duty-WWII and the next day we found the second controller. The end