Coast Steering

Coast Steering

This is it I think as I finally jump it feels like I’m moving in slow motion, I see a beautiful landscape in the distance, I focus my eyes on it like Jamie our instructor for coast steering told me, it was my first time so I listened well, but I closed my eyes and forgot to keep arms crossed on my chest, so  I let my block my face and slap the water. When my whole body broke the surface of the water it flooded my wet suit in all directions. It was cold salt stings on my hand I panic and kicked my legs,but my wet suit was filled of water and heavy so it was hard to swim

 But when I calmed down and opened my eyes, I saw how much the sea

was beautiful underwater the the salt water flood my mouth but I did’t mind until I ran out of breath so I swam up and out of the water my hand still stung but I didt mind because I had done something new and it was fun some of the people in my group congratulated me and the others who had doe the same as me and thought to myself that was amazing and I want to do  it again.

Sorry no photos were taken sense we were swimming in the sea


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