First day at tech

This week at tech my group we have been doing hard materials with Mr King. the first project we made pen and pencil holder first we had to do our planing then we had to sand a pre-cut block of pine wood then we had to draw our design on withe pencil after that we got the chose of hot poking it or coloring it with coloured sharpies, I chose to hot poker mine because I had never used a hot poker before finally I did the last step in was to oil it with vegetable oil. Mr king said that every one who did the hot poke-ring had to oil it, and the people who sharped theirs could oil it but it would bleed a bit if you did, then when every one finished their work we cleaned up then the bell to go home rang every one picked up their bags went and sat in their school groups the teacher called out the roll the when she was finished we followed her then went on separate buses, for different schools.

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