The Death Of Katrina The Lizard

“I’m so sorry Isabeth, I didn’t mean to kill her! Please don’t tell mother.”

When I was a boy, me and my sister Isabeth lived together with our mother in  Sector  Five, the swamps of Eden Three. We lived  on a small hill in a little house,beside an oak tree.  Life was paradise back then.  Everyone did honest work, and the  Hammerlock company would pay us, and not just that, they also protected us from any outsiders. This was easy for them because Wainwright Hammerlock, the boss of the company guns, had agents all over the Sector and  no one dared to mess with Sector Five.


One day, me and my sister were helping my mother at the lumber mill, when I  found a small lizard. I picked it up and showed it to my sister. As soon as she saw it, in a second  she snached it off me, turned her back to me and started talking to it.  First she started saying boys’ names. Then when I asked to have a turn holding it she replied,” Why should I?” I came up with numerous reasons but she ignored them,

  I told her that I should have a turn because she had held it for more than half an hour and that I had found it not her !

But this time she answered saying that I was a liar and she found it, not me, and she would tell on me for being a liar! By then I was mad so I told her “It is a girl actually”,

 “I knew that!”she shouted, Then before I could answer, my mother shouted “Children come back, time to leave!” My sister faced me then said “ We will talk of this again never! And the lizard’s name is Katrina!”

On the way home I thought of a plan to have my revenge and hopefully keep  Katrina alive and safe.  My plan was simple but effective, I would feed and take care of Katrina 

when Isabeth was playing with her dolls in the tree house.  When I had finished my chores,  I would use my spare time to build a suitable habitat  where it could flourish and live the happiest life; it had a food/water dispenser and a small lamp aimed at a flat rock. There were also  some scrubs and other plants – it was the  perfect habitat. My plan was working perfectly until my sister caught me feeding Katrina, she chased me outside, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, but alas she cornered me at the side of the hill where I had never gone before because it was fenced off. I jumped the fence and only then I realized that the hill was actually a cliff. I realized that this was the reason why mother always told me and my sister to stay away from behind the house. When I looked behind me  I saw my sister leap at me. She grabbed Katrina but I held a tight grip. We pulled and tugged until Isabeth let go.  I fell back a little and threw Katrina in the air and over the cliff  and Katrina was never seen again. “NOOOOOO   Katrina” I sobbed “Well, R.I.P” said my sister

 “Seriously you don’t care Katrina is dead?”I yelled.

 “No, not really, I was trying to train her to be an evil bloodthirsty  beast but she wouldn’t cooperate. I was going to use her as bait to trap something more evil”replied my sister.

  “She  wasn’t bloodthirsty because she was a herbivore meaning she only eats vegetables”  I said. 

“Ooh” said my sister.

 “But does this mean you won’t tell on me?” I pleaded.

“No, I’m definitely going to tell on you” she snapped. 

“Wait, please dont tell on me!” I cried.

 “Nope” she replied.

“I’m so sorry Isabeth, I didn’t mean to kill her! Please don’t tell mother.”

                                                   THE  END


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