6 thing about me

  1. I love to fun but scary this at camp (like coasteering I got to jump off a small cliff into the sea)
  2. I like to cook a lot (some times I cook for my whole family)
  3. my favorite color is red ( I have a red hoodie and I never go to town without it)
  4. I have never gone to someone else birthday party ( except to someone in my family
  5. I like sketching ( I am best at shapes and eyes)
  6. once I had long dreadlocks but then I got nits and had to cut my hair

Casual warm sweat zip-Hoodie jumper of navy color hoodie zip-up jacket. (Red )7 Amazing Facts About Coasteering - Adventure Cornwall

a mind growth set

I think a growth mind set is that when you get some thing wrong you persevere no mater what and you never give up. An example of when I had a  growth mind set is once I was doing an assignment on Mathlatics and I could t finish it because I kept get the answers wrong but I kept trying the, finally I got it right. so that is what I think a growth mind set is.

That Was Summer

Have you ever tasted summer,
Of course you have.
Remember that time
When you were so hot & bothered
From Sitting in a car,
Going on the longest road trip possible to at
Christmas to visit you grandma?
Then as soon as you got there
You flopped on the warm soft couch.
That was summer.

Remember that time
When your arms were so tired
And soaking wet
From cupping the first herd of cows in the shed
But you still had the second herd to go?
Remember how you felt
So cold outside but warm inside?
That was summer.

Remember that time
In the middle of the day
You didn’t have to work in the shed
So you swam in your new pool,
And the water was so cold but at the same time you felt warm inside?
That was your summer

By Ne’tava