My favorite novel

My favorite novel  is Billy and Old Smoko written by Jack Lasenby who has written many other  books like; The Conjuror, The Lake, and The Mangrove Summer and like Billy and Old Smoko included natural phenomenon.  In the plot of this book Billy is a five year boy with a kind loving mother and father, then he wakes up too a strange woman burning porridge in the kitchen that clams the the real mother he knew ran away and that Billy must call her mother now, but Billy fines a note under his bed by his real mother and says that she never ran away, to never lie and to always be polite and kind, so Billy is determined to fined his real mother and along the way he is helped by his best friend Old Smoko a talking Clydesdale horse (he gains his trust by puling thorns out of his leg and putting on new horse shoes) and his class mates who mothers are  replaced by clones of the same woman that clams to be Billy mother.                        In conclusion I think you should read this book because I love it and read it at lest fore times.

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  1. Great recommendation Ne’tava. Jack Lasenby has written lots of awesome books and I have read a few but I have never read this one. He writes with a lot of humour. Have you tried his short stories?

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