100 World Challenge



100 World Challenge

 A Hundred of years ago there was a young boy named Josh who lived by the ocean. He had no parents, for they had died at sea many years ago. So he lived in an old tall tower made of gray brick on a  sea cliff.The only company he had was a  mermaid named Clira he had saved when he found her beached caught in a fishing net. He slept on a pile of hay and he ate what he could steal from the market and occasionally Clira would give him some fish when she visited.


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  1. What a great introduction for a story. My only suggestion would be regarding the ‘young’ boy whose parents died ‘many’ years ago. Depending on how young is young then they couldn’t have died ‘many’ years ago. Perhaps if we knew how young he was that would help your readers better imagine what you intend. I hope you write some more of the story of Ciara and the boy.

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