term review

This term is my favorite so far because of the amount of great things that have happen  this term.First there is the time we started the Flexi timetable so we would be able to chose and change what we are doing today,secondly we did the odes to summer in winter,and finally my favorite for term treat we did laser tag with fish a chip. these are just my favorites  you can find out more of what we are doing on the front page.



Please summer come back,

I long for your warm hugs


Please summer come back

I long to hear the splash

of  cool water from Bush Creek


Please summer  come back 

I long to taste the sweet,

creamy taste of ice cream


Oh please summer come back 

Why does it take so long to see you?


By Ne’Tava

persuasive letter

Dear farmer brown 

I believe that you do not give the dog enough credit, for the amount of work they do every day that is why you should buy him some shoes. Here are my reason why.


Firstly dog are always taken for granted some people think that dogs are stupid and then there are people who over work them and finally you, you don’t know how to treat your dog so give him a treat.


Secondly your dog helps you all over the farm, a imagine that waking thousand of meters in bare feet and what if he gets his feet hurt and needs medicine that would cost hundreds   so that is why you should buy him shoes. Sincerely doge

100 Word Challenge

100 word challenge

A long time ago their was a family of five: the mother , the father ,   two brothers and their little sister.I was the the middle sibling, my name is sam. We were camping out in the woods when my little sister Jessy saw five human figures but by the time I got there they were gone my  brother Tim was stubborn and though, she was hallucinating  but I knew she wasn’t lying and she was smart for her age, but I still didn’t believe her, then in the Sam was attacked we chased after him then we disappeared into the night. to be continued.

100 word challenge

A long time ago there was a giraffe, the giraffe was wild and had never seen

anything man made until one day. He was sleeping in a meadow , then out of the blue something came flying and hit him in the head painfully. It was a pink, dusty doll and it sang ‘I love you ” when he pressed it. The giraffe was confused and curious about the doll and wondered  how it was able to make noises, or what it was or saying , but still he kept it and sheltered  it, fed it, and most of all,    cared for it