Holiday Review

Hi my name is Netava and my holiday wasn’t  that great

first the holiday went off to bad start, instead of me going to my cousins place  my younger brother and the both of them would come, now that not be much but the cousin t hes going to gets to play on :2 i Pads ,an X box, and a PS4 (play station 4 ) luckily my  other cousin’t was coming before the first one and that was a good thing util I relisted my older brother was still here so I barely  got to play with him, and to  top that I had to go to work with my dad, but  the worst thing about the holiday was when m y first cousin’t came with my younger brother every thing was fighting and complaining  until  both cousins’t left and by then the holiday were over, and that’s how my holiday went.

By Netava

One thought on “Holiday Review”

  1. Oh Ne’Tava that doesn’t sound like a great holiday – what a shame there was so much fighting and complaining. What kind of things did you do with dad on the farm? Did you enjoy any part of that?

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