The Death Of Katrina The Lizard

“I’m so sorry Isabeth, I didn’t mean to kill her! Please don’t tell mother.”

When I was a boy, me and my sister Isabeth lived together with our mother in  Sector  Five, the swamps of Eden Three. We lived  on a small hill in a little house,beside an oak tree.  Life was paradise back then.  Everyone did honest work, and the  Hammerlock company would pay us, and not just that, they also protected us from any outsiders. This was easy for them because Wainwright Hammerlock, the boss of the company guns, had agents all over the Sector and  no one dared to mess with Sector Five.


One day, me and my sister were helping my mother at the lumber mill, when I  found a small lizard. I picked it up and showed it to my sister. As soon as she saw it, in a second  she snached it off me, turned her back to me and started talking to it.  First she started saying boys’ names. Then when I asked to have a turn holding it she replied,” Why should I?” I came up with numerous reasons but she ignored them,

  I told her that I should have a turn because she had held it for more than half an hour and that I had found it not her !

But this time she answered saying that I was a liar and she found it, not me, and she would tell on me for being a liar! By then I was mad so I told her “It is a girl actually”,

 “I knew that!”she shouted, Then before I could answer, my mother shouted “Children come back, time to leave!” My sister faced me then said “ We will talk of this again never! And the lizard’s name is Katrina!”

On the way home I thought of a plan to have my revenge and hopefully keep  Katrina alive and safe.  My plan was simple but effective, I would feed and take care of Katrina 

when Isabeth was playing with her dolls in the tree house.  When I had finished my chores,  I would use my spare time to build a suitable habitat  where it could flourish and live the happiest life; it had a food/water dispenser and a small lamp aimed at a flat rock. There were also  some scrubs and other plants – it was the  perfect habitat. My plan was working perfectly until my sister caught me feeding Katrina, she chased me outside, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, but alas she cornered me at the side of the hill where I had never gone before because it was fenced off. I jumped the fence and only then I realized that the hill was actually a cliff. I realized that this was the reason why mother always told me and my sister to stay away from behind the house. When I looked behind me  I saw my sister leap at me. She grabbed Katrina but I held a tight grip. We pulled and tugged until Isabeth let go.  I fell back a little and threw Katrina in the air and over the cliff  and Katrina was never seen again. “NOOOOOO   Katrina” I sobbed “Well, R.I.P” said my sister

 “Seriously you don’t care Katrina is dead?”I yelled.

 “No, not really, I was trying to train her to be an evil bloodthirsty  beast but she wouldn’t cooperate. I was going to use her as bait to trap something more evil”replied my sister.

  “She  wasn’t bloodthirsty because she was a herbivore meaning she only eats vegetables”  I said. 

“Ooh” said my sister.

 “But does this mean you won’t tell on me?” I pleaded.

“No, I’m definitely going to tell on you” she snapped. 

“Wait, please dont tell on me!” I cried.

 “Nope” she replied.

“I’m so sorry Isabeth, I didn’t mean to kill her! Please don’t tell mother.”

                                                   THE  END


The story of Francis Brandywine

As Francis watched the oar float away she felt fear crawl up her spine, all she could think about was what was under her.She tried to convince herself that it was nothing but she knew that it had it be something that took her oar, so she curled up into the corner  of the boat and cried.


Ten minutes later she got up and looked over the side again, suddenly the knock came so hard it flipped  the boat entirely. Now in the water, Francis screams for help but no one comes , everyone is asleep. It was pitch dark so she couldn’t see that well but then she felt ripples in the water and when she turned around she saw something swimming towards her. 


She tried to identify it but when it came closer it became larger and it had a pitch fork in its hand holding up but it was now bigger than any  man she has ever seen but as it came closer the It was a Monster. She started swimming for shore, Francis swam hard but not hard enough so she gave up and tried to warn her family so she wrote in her diary before suddenly  she was dragged down by a mass of hands and drouwd, but the body was never found.


The next day Francis’s diary is found and on the last page writing still wet in blood before the rest is blank it says “RUN WHEN YOU FIND THIS OR HE WILL FIND YOU”


My Best Holiday

The best holiday I ever had was when me Mark, Elijah, Karolena, mum and dad all went to Fiji and stayed at a five star hotel for two days. It is my favorite holiday because there was a buffet ,two swimming pools. We had a balcony and the entire hotel was beside the sea.We got served food at breakfast and dinner.

we got a free upgrade so that is how:  we got two bedrooms, two TV’s tow balcony one up stairs and one down stairs both with chairs and a table. Even though we did not stay long I had lots of fun there and I wish I could go there again.



“Quick hurry up with the cleaning before everyone gets here.” Mum shouts.

“We still have an hour till they get here.” Dad says.

 “But Aunt Cass always comes early.” Mum replies.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Ding Dong!

“It’s them, quick I’ll distract them while you  set up the table hurry. Mum whispers. Ding Dong! Ding

“OK OK just stop ringing that bell please, Aunt Cass Hi Come in. 

Come sit on the couch O and you Micle come.

I bring you some snacks but when Mikle takes a bite of the cracker suddenly he feels really ill.

First day at tech

This week at tech my group we have been doing hard materials with Mr King. the first project we made pen and pencil holder first we had to do our planing then we had to sand a pre-cut block of pine wood then we had to draw our design on withe pencil after that we got the chose of hot poking it or coloring it with coloured sharpies, I chose to hot poker mine because I had never used a hot poker before finally I did the last step in was to oil it with vegetable oil. Mr king said that every one who did the hot poke-ring had to oil it, and the people who sharped theirs could oil it but it would bleed a bit if you did, then when every one finished their work we cleaned up then the bell to go home rang every one picked up their bags went and sat in their school groups the teacher called out the roll the when she was finished we followed her then went on separate buses, for different schools.

Coast Steering

Coast Steering

This is it I think as I finally jump it feels like I’m moving in slow motion, I see a beautiful landscape in the distance, I focus my eyes on it like Jamie our instructor for coast steering told me, it was my first time so I listened well, but I closed my eyes and forgot to keep arms crossed on my chest, so  I let my block my face and slap the water. When my whole body broke the surface of the water it flooded my wet suit in all directions. It was cold salt stings on my hand I panic and kicked my legs,but my wet suit was filled of water and heavy so it was hard to swim

 But when I calmed down and opened my eyes, I saw how much the sea

was beautiful underwater the the salt water flood my mouth but I did’t mind until I ran out of breath so I swam up and out of the water my hand still stung but I didt mind because I had done something new and it was fun some of the people in my group congratulated me and the others who had doe the same as me and thought to myself that was amazing and I want to do  it again.

Sorry no photos were taken sense we were swimming in the sea


No sleep😴


Three years ago when I was eight years old I had just come back from the airport a few weeks ago and it was the holidays so I hadn’t started school yet. 

We had only brought two PS4 controllers but we didn’t know were the second one was so we could only on person could play it was kinda sad and boring for the rest of us and most because only one of us could play of the time we  would get into fights over whose turn it was so I decided that I would have a tern all to myself. I would sleep in the living room and  stay up to play on the play station 4 but instead of staying up late for a little while I sprayed up all night but the best thing that happened was I actually finished the campaign in Call of Duty-WWII and the next day we found the second controller. The end

Term 3 review

This term  we have been doing  Expansion writing so for my  I have for my term 3 review  and I think it was fun here my best writing

Have you ever wondered  how the digestive system works, or what the digestive system is, and what happens to the food when we eat it?

Some people think that our stomach does it all but there are more parts played in this story, and it’s not just the mouth.

In the digestive system there are seven parts that each do a different job to help digest your food.

The first stage is the mouth. The mouth chews the food, readying the food to pass through the oesophagus to get to the stomach, the oesophagus is the tube that is connected to the back of the mouth and takes the food to the stomach.

You may wonder what stops the food from going in down your windpipe and into your lungs, what stops it is a special part called the epiglottis.

 The epiglottis is a flap of  muscle tissue that main function is to close off the windpipe or the trachea as it’s known when you swallow your food.

 The second stage the food goes to is the stomach.

Some people think that all the food is digested in the stomach because it is full of hydrochloride acid, but what actually happens is the acid cleans the food and softens it for the next stage. 

If you just found out that you have a bag of acid in your body don’t be scared because  your wonderful body has lined your stomach with fast growing flesh, so you’re always healing, but have you ever wondered where the acid came from?The acid comes from the liver and the gall blader.

The second last stage is the small intestine or the small bowel.

In the small intestine most of the digesting is done here, the small intestine and large intestine is lined with small finger like things called villi that take the most nutrients from the food and inject it into the bloodstream, but did you know that on the the villi is more villi called microvilli

The fourth stage is the large intestine, the last stop till the food that your body can not dissolve ends up in the toilet.

The large intestine absorbs the last of the nutrients from the food and turns the now undigested food into feces (poo) and is ready to be disposed of.

So now you know the seven stages of the digestive system and what it does but many people do not treat their gut wisely which is not good. because our digestive system is very important without it we would not be able to get the things we need from food  and we would die from starvation so treat your gut wisely so eat healthy.




Holiday Review

Hi my name is Netava and my holiday wasn’t  that great

first the holiday went off to bad start, instead of me going to my cousins place  my younger brother and the both of them would come, now that not be much but the cousin t hes going to gets to play on :2 i Pads ,an X box, and a PS4 (play station 4 ) luckily my  other cousin’t was coming before the first one and that was a good thing util I relisted my older brother was still here so I barely  got to play with him, and to  top that I had to go to work with my dad, but  the worst thing about the holiday was when m y first cousin’t came with my younger brother every thing was fighting and complaining  until  both cousins’t left and by then the holiday were over, and that’s how my holiday went.

By Netava